History of
Ashurov Argenti

Learn about our journey from a humble start-up to a leader in our industry and discover how our passion for innovation and excellence has driven us to create thriving and successful brand.

The company's history dates back to the early 1990s. Its inception can be attributed to the visionary founder, Ashurov M.Kh., who played a pivotal role in shaping the jewellery industry in independent Uzbekistan. He established the fundamental principles that continue to guide the company today: pursuit of perfection, transparency and reverence for the rich cultural heritage of the region.
In 1994, under the guidance of M.Kh. Ashurov, a pioneering figure in the field, a collaborative endeavour was undertaken with esteemed Italian master silversmiths and industry leaders in Italy. This fruitful partnership resulted in the establishment of the inaugural manufacturing facility in Uzbekistan, dedicated to the production of 925 silver cutlery.
The year marked yet another significant milestone in the company's illustrious history, as E. Ashurov took the initiative to establish Souvenir LLC, a distinguished enterprise specialising in the production of precious metal souvenirs. Assuming a pivotal role on the board, E. Ashurov spearheaded the company's transformative journey into the contemporary era.
On the basis of Souvenir LLC, E. Ashurov, using his entrepreneurship and foresight, combined the business and the process of producing silver cutlery. Restored long-term relationships with Italian silversmiths and expanded the plant with new technologies and capabilities. Created a new premium brand "Ashurov Argenti" to promote silver cutlery in Uzbekistan and beyond.
Today, our company's range of products is meticulously crafted from premium 925 sterling silver, utilising state-of-the-art equipment under the watchful eye. Silverware from Ashurov Argenti will be a worthy gift for a memorable date for any person - from a business partner to a child. Impeccable high quality and design adds value to every product. Ashurov Argenti products are truly work of art.

Consultant and research advisor.

  • Ashurov M.Kh. holds a Doctorate in Physical and Mathematical Sciences (1989) and attained the title of Professor in 1995. Additionally, he was honoured as an Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 1995 and became a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences in 2002.

    M.Kh. Ashurov is widely recognised as a specialist in solid-state physics, laser crystal spectroscopy, radiation physics, inorganic materials, crystal growth, and alternative energy sources.

    In 1980, M.Kh. Ashurov synthesized the first optical single crystals in Uzbekistan. The following year, he achieved a significant milestone by exporting scientific products grown at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of Crystals to European countries, marking a historic moment for the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan.

By the decree of the President of the Uzbek SSR dated May 25, 1991, NPO Fonon was established. This organisation implemented an integrated approach aimed at achieving self-sufficiency. It focused on producing laser crystals, including cubic zirconia crystals, named after FIAN (Physics Institute of the Academy Sciences of the USSR).

During the period of crystal acquisition, M.Kh. Ashurov undertook an internship and pursued graduate studies there. These crystals found extensive application in jewelry production, cutting, and the creation of jewelry, with the profits fueling the development of both production and scientific endeavours, a domain in which M.Kh. Ashurov actively participated.

M.Kh. Ashurov served as the General Director of NPO Fonon, which he founded, from 1991 until 2023.

In 2013, based on his recommendation, Souvenir LLC was established. Presently, he holds the position of Chief Researcher at the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Here, in addition to researching the impact of radiation on the laser properties of crystals, he investigates plasma generation and develops methods for producing biologically active solutions to enhance agricultural productivity.

Academician M.Kh. Ashurov was bestowed with the title "Fan Arbobi" (Scientist) of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He has been honoured with the "Mekhnat Shuhrati" (Labor Glory) and "Dustlik" (Friendship) awards, as well as the Certificate of Honor of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the "Uzbekiston Belgisi" badge.

Chairman of the Friendship Society "Uzbekistan-Greece".

Awarded with badge
"Uzbekiston Belgisi"


  • Founder of the company.

Awarded with Presidential commemorative badge
"30th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic Uzbekistan"